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about me

Hi everyone!

I’m Gizem, International Coach Federation (ICF) licensed Professional Career and Personal Coach since 10 years and adding more to 5000 hours of coaching and training.


I have been working with expats, engineers, high achievers, introverts, perfectionists and over thinkers to help them achieve personal breakthroughs for immediate lifestyle shifts. 

My engineering background has given me a keen eye for detail and a science backed approach to problem-solving. By combining these skills with my coaching expertise, I have cultivated a new approach to my coaching style: Unique, sincere, creative, smart and agile.

Let's work together to create a roadmap for your sustainable growth and wellbeing!

Gizem Sahan guiding a team through a performance coaching exercise.

I encourage you to embrace your inner strength and not let fear control your life.
You are more powerful than any obstacle or challenge that comes your way. 


Gizem facilitated a 2-day team building retreat for our global team in Istanbul.


Thanks to her diligent preparations and creative collaboration activities, we were able to recognize the diverse personalities and values across our team and better understand how to work together effectively.

Thank you, Gizem, for your warm and personalized communication and your guidance, which has continued to help our team communicate and collaborate more successfully! 

Sheila, Outreach & Membership Lead @ UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)


Let's close the gap faster between where you are and where you want to be.

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