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Are you struggling to figure out what to do next?
Maybe you know what you SHOULD do, but you can't seem to take action. Together we'll get real, lasting results!

The longer you wait to improve your skills, knowledge, personal/professional presence, the greater the chance of NOT moving toward your vision.

Choose the Plan for You

I offer coaching, consulting, and support for your personal and professional development.

  • Bronze Package: Foundation Builder

    Ideal For: Individuals just starting their career journey or looking for basic guidance.
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions
    • Email support between sessions
    • Career resources and tools
  • Best Value

    Silver Package: Growth Accelerator

    Ideal For: Mid-level professionals seeking significant career growth and performance improvement.
    Valid for 6 months
    • 6 one-on-one coaching sessions
    • Personalized action plan
    • Email and phone support between sessions
    • Career and performance resources
    • One follow-up session after completion
  • Gold Package: Leadership Enhancer

    Ideal For: Aspiring leaders and executives aiming to elevate their leadership skills.
    Valid for 6 months
    • 8 one-on-one coaching sessions
    • Leadership style assessment
    • Comprehensive action plan
    • Unlimited email and phone support
    • Access to exclusive leadership materials
    • Two follow-up sessions after completion
  • Career Clarity & Direction Package

    Find your true calling and align your career with your passions and strengths.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Job Search Strategy Package

      Land Your Dream Job: This package provides you with all the tools and strategies needed to secure the job you desire.
      Valid for 6 months
      • Job Search Strategy
    • Leadership Development Package

      Become a True Leader: Elevate your leadership skills with a comprehensive development plan.
      Valid for 6 months
      • Leadership Development
    • Peak Performance Package

      Unlock your highest potential and achieve peak performance in your professional and personal life. Ideal for high achievers and executives.
      Valid for 6 months
      • Peak Performance Coaching
    • Work-Life Balance Package

      Find Harmony in Life: If you're feeling overwhelmed, this package will help you achieve a healthy work-life balance.
      Valid for 6 months
      • Work-Life Balance Coaching
    • 1 Year C-Suite Executive Coaching

      Excel at the Top: Tailored for top executives, this coaching package focuses on enhancing leadership and strategic thinking skills.
      Valid for 12 months
      • C-Suite Executive Coaching
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